4 Ideas for a Summer Get Together

Sharing some of our favorite treats and decorations for a hot summer gathering.

1. Twist on a Frozen Drink

Nothing is as refreshing in the brutal heat as a popsicle, so why not spice up the classic treat with your favorite wine or cocktail to create the perfect summer drink.

Twist on a Frozen Drink

2. DIY Floral Arrangements

If you’re feeling crafty, try your hand at putting together your own flower arrangement. These handcrafted creations can be simple yet elegant and made from things that are probably lying around your house!

Mason Jar Floral Arrangement
Paper Bag Floral Arrangement

3. Set Up A S'mores Bar

Impress your guests with a well arranged s’mores bar! You can make this classic summer dessert look like a delicacy by creating a beautiful setup of all of the ingredients or by putting a unique twist on the typical treat.

S'mores Bar Recipes
S'mores Bar
S'mores Bar Setup

4. Add Some Sparkle

Want to get some cool pictures with your friends? This year it’s all about the sparklers! Not only are they beautiful in a jar, but also they make for great fun and candid props to hold in photos with your friends.

Sparklers in a Jar
Sparklers with Friends