Guide to Wedding Dress Bustles

Now that you have chosen your wedding dress, the decisions have not ended! When you begin your alterations they will ask you what style of bustle you would like on your dress. Feeling stumped? Check out our guide to bustle styles.

Over Bustle (Ballroom Bustle)

The Over Bustle, or Ballroom Bustle, can be done with 1, 3 or several points on the dress. The fabric is lifted and secured at the base of the bodice. The heavier the fabric of your dress, the more points you will want for the bustle.


Under Bustle (French Bustle)

The Under Bustle, or French Bustle, has ribbon ties placed inside the dress. It can have anywhere from 2 to 25 points and lifts the train up. You can have a double or triple Under Bustle that creates 2 or 3 layers for a waterfall effect.


Gathered Bustle (Austrian Bustle)

The Gathered Bustle, or Austrian Bustle, gathers the train along a ribbon either inside or outside the gown. This is a really great option for a dress with a simple skirt.