How to Throw a Cookie Decorating Party

The holiday season is always filled with delicious treats and one of our favorite holiday traditions is to decorate cookies. Today we show you how to host a cookie decorating party in just a few simple steps!

Bake the Cookies

It is best to bake the cookies for your guests ahead of time so they are ready to be decorated at the party. Make sure to make a variety of shapes to allow your guests to be creative!


Make the Icing

It is also best to make the icing in advance for your guests. Make a variety of colors and put them in squeeze bottles for easy decorating and no mess!


Set the Table

Set your table with a place setting for each of your guests. Add festive touches like candy canes or hot chocolate and make sure each guest has enough space to work.


Dress Up

Set the tone for your party by having guests dress the part! We love the idea of everyone wearing tacky holiday sweaters.


Have Festive Treats

Entertain your guests with extra treats such as hot chocolate, milk, or apple cider. Make sure to have some fun holiday candy out for your guests to enjoy as well.



Provide your guests with different types of sprinkles and toppings for their cookies. Make sure to have a wide variety and enough for everyone to use.


Wrap Them Up

Wrap your guests' cookies up for them in plastic or place them in tins. Add a festive label or tag for your guests to take with them or give to a friend!