Tips for Engagement Ring Shopping

Today's blog post is a guest post written by Jordan Dubin of Dubin's Fine Jewelry. Jordan walks us through some tips from a pro for someone shopping for an engagement ring.

Know Your Jeweler

Who is your doctor? Who is your financial planner? Who is your jeweler? Talk to family, friends, and co-workers and find out who they recommend. Your jeweler should be someone you can trust and grow with over the years. Here at Dubin’s Fine Jewelry we build long lasting business relationships (as well as friendships) with clients everyday.

It's Not Going in a Museum

This ring, soon to be on a ladies finger, will be put through many tough tests. Bumps, bangs, and clangs are normal for anything that is worn, jewelry included. For the vast majority, a diamond that is white in color and “flawless” to the unaided eye is all that is required. With our extensive selection of certified diamonds, Dubin’s Fine Jewelry will have the perfect one for you.

Finger Size

Make sure to get her finger size at some point before buying the ring. If you are unsure, ask someone close to her or “borrow” a ring she wears (be sure to know what finger she wears it on) and take it to your jeweler to measure. If all else fails, at Dubin’s Fine Jewelry we can get really close to her ring size after asking just a few questions. Always round up just in case, as it is better to be too big than not fit at all.

Cut and Cut

This can refer to two things. First, the shape of the diamond (i.e. round, princess, cushion, radiant, etc). Second, for round diamonds only, a cut grade will be given for each diamond. Simply put, the better the cut, the more it will sparkle.

Know Your Budget and Stick to It

The adage “three months salary” can be a guide for your purchase. Regardless of what your pay stub shows, figure out a comfortable range and stick to it. The most important part of your budget is using it to buy her what she wants. Afterall, she will be the one wearing the beautiful new engagement ring! Dubin’s Fine Jewelry carries diamonds in all shapes and sizes so we can work with any budget.

About Dubin’s Fine Jewelry

Dubin’s Fine Jewelry has been serving the Houston area for more than 30 years. The father-son team of Lenny and Jordan Dubin offer quality, service, and value in their private Galleria-area showroom. Their collection consists of all types of fine diamond jewelry with a focus on bridal jewelry. Visit their website at or call today at 713-840-0162.

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